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African SME Organization and NEIP engages Incubation hubs

As part of effort to roll out co-working, incubation and accelerator programs, the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan-NEIP and its Private implementation partner: African SME organization-ASME will be holding a stakeholders engagement with incubation hubs across the country. The engagement will afford NEIP and ASME the opportunity to assess the ecosystem of start-ups and also discuss how to collaborate to successfully build the SME and start-up eco-system in the country.

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 Welcome to African SME

The African SME (ASME) Organization is a Non-governmental entity specializing in providing SME’s across the continent of Africa with scalable tools for their businesses and also creating platforms for businesses across the globe to network, share ideas and mentor each other. With Africans estimated to be a quarter of the world’s population by 2050 and the youngest continent of more than 70% of its population less than 25 years, the key question is, will Africa be ready economically to take up its challenges. Read More..

Our Objectives

  • To change the discourse among SME’s especially in Ghana and Africa as in what are their key challenges and bottlenecks.
  • To foster trust and a spirit of collaboration among young businesses.
  • To encourage, motivate and inspire young businesses to aim at using business as a change agent in their various societies and communities.
  • To open the eyes of small businesses to the fact that they are the game changers in their communities and the larger world.
  • To use science and case studies as a way of bench marking the success and failures of SME’s.



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